Are skin clinic treatments necessary if i am using good skincare?

Are skin clinic treatments necessary if i am using good skincare?

There are benefits of having in-clinic treatments as well as using good home care. It is like eating healthy food at home and going to the gym: going to the gym allows you to intensely and specifically target certain concerns, whether it be losing weight or building muscle. Similarly, having in clinic treatments allows us to target particular concerns. With the use of chemical peels, lasers, and other modalities we can target:



As we age our skin structures such as collagen and elastin become weaker alongside the skin cell’s ability to function diminishing. This can be caused by many factors, being both ageing and environment related. Age is influenced by years of age, hormones, and genetics. Whilst environmental ageing is influenced by: UV exposure, pollution, smoking, diet, trauma, etc.

Treatments: Potenza, Skin pen, Chemical peels , MLA, Limelight.

Products: Nourishing Peptide Cream, Nourishing Peptide Rich, Hydrafirm Stem Cell 3D, Interfuse Face and Neck, Interfuse Lines, Techno Neck, Emepelle Serum, Tensage 50

Pigmentation including freckles and melasma

Pigmentation will sit at different levels in the skin, therefore it is imperative that we use a multiple modality approach to the treatment of pigmentation to ensure we are targeting each layer of pigmentation.
Treatments: PICO rejuv and PICO spot, Excel V, Limelight, Chemical peels, Cosmelan.

Products: Even tone, Complete Pigment plus, Mela Cream

Redness & Rosacea

Redness can show on the skin in different ways, this may be an all-over consistent flushing to an area on the skin or little broken capillaries called telangiectasia.

Treatments:  Laser genesis, Excel V, Limelight, Skin pen, LED, Chemical peels

Products: Biretix Iso Repair Cream, Tensage Soothing, Calming Relief Balm, Dual Action Redness Relief, Multi B plus, Redless

Scarring & Stretch Mark

There are many causes for scarring and stretch marks, and they can present in many ways. Treatment options will depend upon whether the texture or colour e.g Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (darkening) or post inflammatory erythema (redness) needs to be treated first.

Treatments: Excel V, Laser genesis, MLA, Skin Pen, LED, Chemical peels

Products: Turnover, Complete Pigment plus.


There are many types of congestion, whether this is lots of little blackheads, little red lumps and bumps or whiteheads there are different treatments and ingredients available.

Treatments: Chemical peels, Laser Genesis, LED, Skin pen, Potenza

Products: Alpharet Clearing Serum, Actibiome, Problem Skin Serum, Biretix cleanser, Biretix Duo, Iso Repair, Oxygen Wash


To treat the texture of skin we want to ensure that we have a healthy skin barrier, lots of moisture and are using skin resurfacing treatments of varying degrees.

Treatments: Clear and Brilliant, Skin pen, Potenza, MLA, Chemical peels  

Products: Turnover, Alpharet, Alpharet Clearing Serum, Retriderm

Skin Barrier

The main aim when treating a client's skin barrier function is to strengthen and hydrate the skin.

Treatments: LED, Laser genesis, some Chemical peels

Products: Beauty Plus Oil, Dual Action Redness Relief, Multi B plus, Iso Repair, Delicate soothing serum, Skin rebuilding serum, Calming Relief Balm

Using the correct skincare at home is integral in aiding us in creating these changes, it preps the skin, allowing our in-clinic treatments to be more intensive as well as minimising adverse effects.

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Desmond J.Tobin