About Us

Established in 2010, Clinica Lase is a leading skin and laser clinic offering an array of modern treatments that target the skin and the areas of the body that are particularly prone to ageing. Crystal Patel is the founder of Clinica Lase and has been excelling in the field of skin, laser and cosmetic treatments and therapies for over 20 years. Our years of experience paired with the latest equipment, a wide selection of high-end skincare products and the dedication of an experienced and passionate team is what allows Clinica Lase to offer clients the kind of care and results they’ve come to expect from a specialist laser and skin clinic.

Skincare & Cosmetology

Clinica Lase is dedicated to staying abreast of the latest treatments, technology and best practices in the cosmetic sector, and using this knowledge to open our clients’ minds to the many treatment options available to them. Our treatments are designed to help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals in a safe and comfortable environment. We also believe in equipping our patients with as much information as possible on each of our cosmetic treatments and anti-ageing procedures, ensuring they always know exactly what to expect.

Enhancing your natural features

Our range of face and body treatments are backed by science and administered by a team of qualified and skilled professionals who have a thorough understanding of the latest cosmetic skincare techniques, equipment and aesthetic treatments. The treatments available at Clinica Lase aim to work with your body’s natural processes to help you achieve a healthier, more radiant appearance using proven techniques and the latest technology. Along with our selection of skincare treatments that target concerns such as wrinkles, acne, pigmentation and Rosacea, we also offer procedures such as tattoo removal and laser hair removal. During your consultation at Clinica Lase, one of our qualified clinicians will discuss your skin concerns and aesthetic goals with you before recommending one of our many proven treatments or procedures. We will also take the time to thoroughly review your medical history, ensuring you can safely achieve the results you’re hoping for.

Beauty from the inside out

At Clinica Lase, we believe that glowing, youthful skin is the result of pairing the right treatments with the best skincare products and regime. To ensure that our clients have everything they need to enhance and prolong the results of their cosmetic treatments, we also stock a number of high-end skincare products from the world’s top suppliers and manufacturers.

Choose from a range of boosters, cleansers, moisturisers, serums, toners, exfoliators and more, which can be conveniently purchased from our online store.

Our experienced clinicians in Carlton and Ballarat are available to help you develop a skincare regime that will complement your latest aesthetic treatment, ensuring you can enhance your natural beauty from the inside out.