Freckle and Pigmentation Removal

At Clinica Lase we offer safe and effective treatment for all forms of skin pigmentation for men and women. It is common to experience irregular pigmentation on the skin, with freckles and other marks appearing from birth. But, most patients that wish to have pigmentation removal have developed hyperpigmentation and melanin pigmentation through the years with sun and UV exposure.

This can appear on the face and body, known as sun or age spots. For pigmentation removal, we use medical-grade lasers, which include the Pico Genesis and the Cutera Limelight. Women can also develop pigmentation during pregnancy. This is known as Melasma and we can treat this at Clinica Lase using chemical peel treatments, pico genesis and Clear + Brilliant treatment.

Recommended treatments for Pigmentation

Pico Genesis

The leading revolutionary pigmentation removal treatment that can reduced unwanted pigmented lesions and tattoos.

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Cosmelan treatment helps target various pigmentations like melasma, sun damage, post-inflammatory pigmentation, and freckles.

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Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant is a fractionated laser treatment which is used to treat texture, pore size, pigment and signs of ageing.

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Common Questions About Skin Pigmentation Treatments

There are some things that you are recommended to do before starting pigmentation removal treatment. If you use any exfoliating products, these should be paused for around one week before you have pigmentation removal treatment.

This will also include not using any products that contain ingredients like vitamin A, lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid. If you are unsure, you can always ask for advice during your personal consultation.

Patients should also avoid UV exposure and any type of tanning before treatment. This means staying out of the sun for two weeks, as well as the use of fake tan products and solariums. If you do have any exposure, you should alert your clinician to avoid any possible complications.

In addition, any new medications that you start before treatment should be brought to the attention of your clinician. The area that is being targeted for pigmentation removal should be clean beforehand. This means that there should be no makeup applied to the skin, as well as no creams, lotions or serums.

Of course, it is not always easy to avoid this; just make sure that you let your clinician know so that it can be removed.

Safety is always a priority at Clinica Lase, which means that we always use state of the art equipment.

This includes medical grade laser machines and this is used for non-hormonal pigmentation removal. In addition, clinicians have government approved laser safety qualifications so that they can do their job properly and make clients feel relaxed and comfortable.

Before treatment, personal consultations are conducted to ensure that our experienced team at Clinica Lase have all the necessary information that will ensure that any risk of complications will be minimised. For new patients, this includes a small test patch. This will make sure that the skin does not adversely react to the treatment and it will also allow patients to explore comfort levels before the full treatment is started.

Pigmentation treatments can be performed at our Ballarat and Carlton Clinics.

$475 -Pico Genesis + Facial Treatment (includes chemical peel, Pico Genesis treatment, LED, growth factor serum & take home sheet mask)

$1,500 - Coemelan Peel Package

$475 - Clear and Brilliant + Facial Treatment (includes chemical peel, Clear and Brilliant treatment, LED, growth factor serum & take home sheet mask)