Medi Facial

Medi facials are a combination of skin treatments that include chemical peels, extractions, soothing masks and LED light therapy. Medi facials are often used to rejuvenate dry, dull skin and can also treat more serious skin concerns such as fine lines, acne and pigmentations.

Before your Medi Facial treatment at Clinica Lase, our dermal clinicians will provide skin consultation, review any concerns you may have, and recommend the perfect combination of treatments for your needs.

Boost your skin's vitality with a Medi Facial

Medi Facials include a combination of procedures to target specific skin concerns. We use cosmeceutical grade ingredients to exfoliate, detoxify, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and has minimal to no downtime so you leave the clinic feeling fresh and glowy. This is the ideal treatment for someone wanting an advanced treatment without the use of lasers.

Common Questions

Yes, a consultation is required so that we can see your skin and discuss any concerns or issues you may have. All Medi Facial treatments are customised especially for the needs of your skin so that you’ll have the best outcome.

The clinician will first double cleanse your skin by hand with fibrella, an oil cleanse which gently breaks down makeup and sunscreen and exfoliates for a deep clean of the skin.

After cleansing, you will be positioned in the VISIA Complexion Analysis System for your photos to be taken. This system will help identify the best combination of treatments for your concerns.  

Your curated Medi Facials may include chemical peelsLED light therapyoxygen facials, or other treatments.  Our clinicians will always discuss these with you and explain how the facials will benefit your skin the most.

Medi Facials can help treat skin concerns like dryness, dehydration, dullness, congestion, acne and more.

Medi Facials are also great to maintain aging concerns but to treat static lines or elasticity issues associated with age, you may need laser skin treatments or other advanced modalities.

Many Medi Facials have zero downtime, though some do require extra post-treatment care.

Some medium to deep peels are required to be left on your skin for a period of time or overnight, which means you should avoid sun exposure or heavy exercise after this treatment.

Your clinician will always discuss any important Medi Facial aftercare with you at your appointment.

Medi Facials can be done on the face and anywhere on the body such as back, neck and décolletage.

At Clinica Lase, we offertwo levels of medi facials. Level 1 Medi Facials include more superficial peels ($275) and level 2 Medi Facials are more advanced peels ($375).

This will depend on your skin and your specific concerns. We recommend you schedule 2 to 4 weeks between facials.

Medi facial treatments start at $275 at Clinica Lase. Please contact our clinics at Melbourne or Ballarat or call to book your first session today.

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