Accordian Lines

Over time, the area of the skin that dimples when we smile can become wrinkled and curved vertical lines can appear permanently. This is known as accordion lines at the corners of the mouth, which stays like that even when the facial muscles are relaxed. In particular, accordion lines can become more noticeable during the ageing process, as volume is lost in the cheeks and skin elasticity is reduced. With accordion line treatment, patients can combat the signs of ageing and enjoy a more youthful appearance. This is a non-surgical procedure that uses dermal filler and it is a non-invasive treatment with fast results.

Patients love how simple it is to diminish accordion lines and feel more confident about their appearance. At Clinica Lase, we offer a professional accordion line treatment at our clinic. This is a procedure that is carried out by professionals and uses some of the best dermal fillers to ensure that this treatment is going to be suitable for all skin types. The results of accordion line treatment usually last around six to 12 months.

Of course, everyone is different and how long your results last will depend on how fast your body is able to absorb the dermal filler. The good news is that accordion line treatment on a consistent basis will ensure that the age-defying results last beyond 12 months.

Common Questions

Dermal fillers will be used for accordion lines treatment, which makes it a simple and fast procedure. Normally, patients will only be in the clinic for around 30 minutes. A professional will complete a series of injections of dermal filler into the skin around the accordion lines to plump out the wrinkles. This is going to reduce the appearance of volume loss and fill in the curved vertical lines.

A lot of patients are concerned before accordion line treatment due to the discomfort of the procedure. Thankfully, topical anaesthetic can be applied by the professional to help with the discomfort.  Our experienced and professional team will make sure that patients feel comfortable before they begin the series of injections. The whole procedure will be explained before it begins so that patients can feel at ease about what is coming next.

There are minimal after effects to accordion lines treatment and patients will not have to worry about any big problems. It is normal for the site of the injections to be red for around 48 hours, as well as some minor swelling. This should be minimal discomfort. Any side effects should resolve themselves within 72 hours of having the accordion lines procedure. If patients become self conscious about these after effects, makeup can be applied to the area to take away the initial redness. Normally, the full results of accordion line treatment can be realised after one week, as the dermal filler settles down and evens out.

One of the main reasons that patients choose accordion line treatment with dermal filler is because there is no downtime associated with the procedure. In addition to a quick and easy procedure, there is also no need to take any time off work or away from your normal routine. There are no restrictions on exercise or other activities and it is completely up to if you want to return to work. Some patients actually choose to return to the office one hour after the procedure. You will be free to leave the clinic whenever you feel ready. Again, this will be your decision and some patients do take time off if they are feeling self-conscious. The choice is completely yours to make.

The best candidates for accordion line treatment is anyone that is self-conscious about their appearance and have any laugh lines that have developed. In particular, this includes men and women that are more senior and the lines have been created over time when there has been facial volume loss. This treatment can allow the patient to enjoy a more youthful appearance and diminish the signs of accordion lines on the face.

Patients for accordion lines should be in good general health and have realistic expectations about what this procedure can do for them and the results they will see.

To find out more about accordion lines treatment and what you can expect from the procedure, you can speak with our experienced team today. You can also find out anything about our other services too. To start the process, you can fill out the contact form or call us at Clinica Lase to book a consultation.