Micro & Skin Needling Treatment

At Clinica Lase, patients can enjoy skin micro needling treatments using the latest technology with our Skinpen device. Micro needling is also known as collagen induction therapy for its rejuvenating effect on the skin. This treatment can be customised so that it suits all kinds of skin types and requirements. 

This treatment works by creating micro-injuries to the epidermis and dermis of the skin which triggers natural wound healing response. This process releases growth factors and stimulates new collagen production. Patients can experience a rejuvenation of the skin, treating fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, rosacea, sun damage, melasma and hyperpigmentation.

Improve your skin texture with Skin Pen

Skin Pen is a professional skin needling that is suitable for all skin types and is used to treat various skin concerns such as skin texture, pore size, acne scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles. It works by creating controlled skin injury that sends our skin to a healing process where new collagen and elastin are produced resulting in skin rejuvenation and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Common Questions

Skin micro needling is not suitable for skin with active infections, severe active acne or areas with open wounds. It is also not recommended for skin with sunburns, severe irritation, active eczema, psoriasis and skin cancer. It is important to inform your clinician if you do have any of these skin conditions or any pre-existing medical conditions before treatment.

Upon arrival you will be asked to fill out a consultation form which will include questions about your skin type, medical conditions, previous treatments, etc. You will then have a private discussion with an experienced clinician who will assess your individual requirements, suggest a tailored plan and take you through the details of the treatment including pre-care and aftercare. This will also give you the opportunity to have any questions or queries regarding your treatment answered.

Treatment includes a thorough skin cleansing, a chemical peel that is tailored to what your skin needs and an LED to support your skin’s recovery process. The treatment session is booked for 1 hour and 15 mins, however the micro needling component takes about 15 minutes for the face. Normally for the best results, a series of treatment sessions will be recommended. This can be between three to four initial treatment sessions, with an interval of four to six weeks.

Safety is always a priority for Clinica Lase. This means that we invest in state of the art medical devices for patient safety. This includes TGA approved Skinpen. The risk of experiencing adverse reactions and complications during skin micro needling treatment is significantly reduced by using the right equipment.

Before any treatment begins, patients will have a personal consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable clinician. This will ensure that all of the necessary information is gathered to minimise the risk of any complications, as well as to encourage the best results from treatment.

It is normal for the skin that has been treated to be pink and swollen afterwards, similar to a sunburn feeling. Generally, the redness lasts for about 3 days or longer in some cases. Mild bruising can also happen after skin micro needling.

The skin can feel tight and dry for a couple of days after skin micro needling, this lasts for about 5-7 days. Patients can use hydrating products to help this and during your personal consultation, you can find out the products that are recommended. But, be sure to avoid active ingredients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, benzoyl peroxide, AHAs, BHA, etc. for 7 days after treatment.

If patients wish to wear makeup after the procedure, it is recommended to avoid it for the first 24 hours and after that mineral makeup is recommended. This will avoid any irritation to the skin. In addition, using new sponges and brushes or ones that have been cleaned thoroughly, will help to minimise the risk of infection.

Patients should not have a hot shower or bath, sauna, heavy exercise for around 48 hours. You can shower after the treatment, but only room temperature water should be used.

There will be some mild discomfort, particularly around the bony contours of the face, such as under the eyes, forehead and nose.  You can expect to feel a prickly sensation and a slight warming of the skin that will gradually decrease as we move on to different areas of the face.  We may suggest applying an over the counter numbing gel that you can apply to a clean, toned skin 30 – 45 minutes before your appointment if you feel you have a lower pain threshold, however most of our clients tolerate the treatment very well without the need for numbing gel.

Rest assured, Skin Pen is the only TGA approved micro needling device in all of Australia.  The Therapeutic Goods Administration is a government agency that regulates medical devices and drugs. It meets Australian standards of quality, safety and efficacy.

YES! Unlike using lasers, we ARE able to treat under the eye area with our Skin Pen device. As this treatment stimulates our natural collagen and hydration, you can expect the under eye area to appear more plump, firmer and brighter.

Skinpen can improve the appearance of stretch marks as the needles break up the tough fibres that make up scar tissue. After the treatment, new collagen proteins will begin the remodelling process of the damaged fibres and with time, stretch marks will begin to shrink, soften and become less noticeable.

It can be a marvellous treatment for acne as long as the condition is under control and well managed. We may suggest alternative treatments to begin such as chemical peels or laser genesis, along with a tailored skincare routine for you to do at home to help reduce the existing inflammation in the skin. The Skin Pen will promote a finer texture and improve the overall clarity of the skin which is often the two things our clients wish to boost once the active acne has been addressed.

As we cleanse and prepare the skin, we typically allow 1 hour and 15 minutes for the appointment. The micro- needling time itself takes around 15 minutes for the full face. If you decide to add treatment to larger areas such as the neck and décolletage, you will be looking at 30 minutes needling time. We use the rest of the time to tailor the treatment to your skin with chemical peels and LED.

After your appointment you will have some erythema (superficial reddening of the skin) which feels like a mild sunburn. This can last up to 48 hours and can be covered with a light mineral makeup the following day. On day 3 to day 7, it is normal to experience dry skin as your cells start to renew, this can make your skin feel a little tight and itchy.

We suggest using the Aspect fruit enzyme mask on day 7 to assist in sloughing of any flaky skin.

Results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks after your Skin Pen treatment. You will notice that your pores are refined, your skin will look more plump and glowy. Best results come in at around 4 to 6 weeks after treatment and can continue to improve for up to 6 months as the collagen and elastin production keeps developing.

This will be dependent on the skin condition and concerns we are treating.  More often it will be anywhere from 3-6 treatments performed every 4-6 weeks. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 3-6 months following the initial course.

Like all cosmetic procedures, there are side effects to be considered. Redness and slight discomfort are expected immediately after the treatment. In some cases, swelling and bruising may occur temporarily. It is recommended to take anti-viral medication to prevent cold sores occurring after treatment if you suffer with herpes simplex virus. Those who have diabetes, an auto immune disease or are undergoing chemotherapy are likely at higher risk of infection and delayed healing. Due to a suppressed immune system, this would be a contraindication to having a Skin Pen treatment.

Micro needling delivers tiny micro injuries via needles at precise depths to induce new collagen production. Fractional RF is a similar, but a different treatment that utilises both needles to puncture the skin as well as radio frequency to create heat in multiple layers of the skin. Fractional RF is generally more of an uncomfortable treatment vs. traditional micro needling, although may be more suited to those that have concerns with sagging skin. While both treatments will improve texture, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, traditional micro needling is better suited to ALL skin types including darker skins with less risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

After care products are an integral part of the Skin Pen treatment as this is the time our skin needs support and nourishment the most.  It is recommended that you use very gentle products for at least 5 days as active ingredients cause irritation and discomfort in the first 48hours while the skin is in its inflammation phase. With every treatment you will receive a take home pack consisting of two serums from the Skin Pen Skinfuse line which will need to be applied 2-3 times a day for the first 3-5 days. They contain hyaluronic acid, copper, magnesium and zinc which are extremely healing on the skin and will help to sooth,hydrate and speed up recovery.  A non-exfoliating cleanser and a physical SPF moisturiser should be used daily alongside them. Your clinician will always advise you on what to use and what to avoid following your treatment.

After 5 -7 days post treatment you can maximise the benefits by supporting your skin with topical serums applied daily that include retinol, vitamin C and peptides, and SPF as these ingredients will assist with collagen production and protect your skin from further damage. Using a derma roller in the evenings after cleansing and before your retinol product will also aid in better penetration and having chemical peels in between your Skin Pen treatments can also greatly benefit and enhance your results.

$475 - Skin Pen + Facial Treatment (includes chemical peel, Skin Pen treatment, LED, growth factor serum & take home sheet mask)

Combined Treatments

$675 - Skin Pen + Laser Genesis + Facial Treatment
Creating deep stimulation to target ageing whilst simultaneously improving skin tone, texture and scarring. 

$675 - Skin Pen + Clear and Brilliant + Facial Treatment
Combined to help collagen remodelling, improve lines & wrinkles, skin texture and aids in strengthening the skin. Addresses the skin at varying levels for optimal results.