Laser Hair Removal for Men 

Experience the ultimate in sleekness and smoothness with our state-of-the-art laser hair removal services for men at Clinica Lase. Our specialised treatment is designed specifically for the modern man in search of a hassle-free solution to unwanted hair. Whether it's the back, chest, neck, or any other area, our advanced laser technology precisely targets hair follicles, delivering remarkable results in reducing hair growth.

Our laser hair removal technique directly tackles hair at its source, leaving your skin silky and flawless with minimal discomfort. At Clinica Lase, we utilize the cutting-edge Candela Gentle-LASE Alexandrite medical-grade laser machine, guaranteeing a highly effective and efficient hair removal experience for both men and women, regardless of skin type. With the added benefit of dynamic cooling technology, any discomfort during the process is a thing of the past. Our highly skilled technicians prioritise your comfort and satisfaction, ensuring a flawless and long-lasting finish you'll love.

Common Questions About Laser for Men

Laser hair removal works by targeting pigments or melanins in the hair shaft. Once the laser energy is emitted and absorbed in the hair, the light is converted to heat, which then creates damage to the hair follicle and hair bulge resulting in inhibiting and delaying further hair growth.

The laser hair removal works well in both men and women. However, men tend to have thicker and coarser hair than women, therefore men may experience more discomfort and heat during treatment sessions. Also the areas of concern in men are commonly covered greater area compared to women such as chest, stomach and back, so requires longer treatment time.

  • Much less painful than waxing 
  • Fewer ingrown hairs than with shaving
  • It’s quick and requires less maintenance than other methods

The great advantage of Laser Hair Removal for men is that you won’t have to shave or wax the area as often as you used to as the laser inhibits and delays further hair growth.

Another big advantage for men is that you don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs. Many men are most likely to experience ingrown hairs after shaving and waxing, so after laser hair removal, you will leave with silky smooth skin with less maintenance.

Unfortunately not. The laser hair removal promises a hair reduction for the long haul. The result lasts from months to years depending on the individual person and their hair growth cycle.

It is not painful. You will experience a warm sensation during the treatment session. At Clinica Lase we use a medical-graded laser hair removal device that has a cryogen system that cools down the skin before the laser is pulsed in order to comfort your skin during the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal can sculpt the beard shape, and create noticeable beard lines that look neat and sleek.

Laser Hair Removal can be performed on any part of the body including the face, beard, nostrils, ears, neck, chest, stomach, back, shoulders, arms, legs, buttocks and even male Brazilian.

Laser Hair Removal can be performed on any area on the body, however, the laser should not be performed on areas that have pigmented lesions including moles or artificial pigmentation like tattoos as the laser can not differentiate which pigments are in the hair shaft and which pigments are in the skin.

Yes, the treated area needs to be shaved or trimmed 1-2 days prior to treatment. Since Laser Hair Removal targets hair in the hair follicle, so do not wax, tweeze or bleach the hair 4 weeks before the treatment. It’s important to avoid sun exposure, sun baking, fake tanning and solarium on the treated areas.

At Clinica Lase we offer a complimentary consultation in order to provide clients with information about Laser Hair Removal, pre and post care as well as how to achieve the optimal outcome.

Around 6 sessions in general, however, it varies depending on individual clients and their hair growth cycle.

Laser hair removal for men at Clinica Lase starts from $32 depending which area of the body. 

At Clinica Lase, we offer safe and effective laser hair removal as your safety is our first priority. Contact us to book a complimentary consultation at our clinic in Carlton or Ballarat.