Your Path to Radiant Skin

Welcome to Clinica Lase. Your destination for cutting-edge skin and laser treatments. Our commitment to excellence since 2010 has established us as a leading name in the field of skincare, laser therapy, and cosmetic treatments. Led by the visionary founder Crystal Patel, our clinic combines over 20 years of expertise with state-of-the-art equipment, premium skincare products, and a dedicated team to deliver exceptional care and results.

 Personalised Care and Expertise

Our experienced and dedicated team of professionals bring unparalleled knowledge and expertise to every consultation. During your consultation, one of our qualified clinicians will engage in a comprehensive discussion about your skin health and aesthetic goals. We take the time to review your medical history, ensuring that we recommend treatments that are not only effective but also safe for you.

Visit Our Clinics

With locations in Carlton and Ballarat, our experienced clinicians are readily available to guide you towards a skincare regime that enhances your natural allure. Your journey to radiant skin begins here at Clinica Lase. Book your consultation today, to take the first step towards unveiling your true beauty, and discover the magic that lies within you. Skin Consultation are $100 and can be redeemed if having treatment on the same day.