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Oxygen Facial at Clinica Lase

Oxygen Therapy Treatment also known as an Oxygen Facial is a treatment in which a hyperbaric oxygen machine is used to infuse serums rich in vitamins and powerful antioxidants deep into the dermal layer of the skin. A favourite amongst celebrities, this treatment provides instant results leaving the skin plump and visibly hydrated with reduced fine lines – perfect for those special red-carpet events. Clinica Lase use the original and best Intraceuticals Oxygen Therapy machine.


Oxygen Therapy treatments are non-invasive with low risk of side-effects and hence there is little in the way of pre-treatment requirements. However, the skin on the face and neck to be treated should be free from infection and any open wounds or sores. If you are experiencing any such skin condition please advise your Clinician prior to any treatment. For optimal results a pre-treatment Chemical Peel can also be administered.

What to Expect

Your Clinician will assess your skin and discuss your requirements in order to deduce the most appropriate mix of serums to be applied. You will then be given a brief explanation of the treatment process after which the face will be cleaned and prepped. The serums are then applied to the entire face using the handpiece infuser which is then followed by the delivery of a pressurised flow of oxygen to infuse the serum deep into the dermal layers.

Peace of Mind

At Clinica Lase we use the Intraceuticals Oxygen Therapy machine and serums. Whilst there are cheap copies on the market, the Intraceuticals system is the original system endorsed by satisfied celebrities such as Miranda Kerr. The Intraceuticals equipment and serums are TGA and FDA approved.


Immediately after the treatment, the skin will feel and appear tighter, plumper and hydrated with a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In the hours and days following, the serums will help to disperse free radicals, improve skin elasticity and supplement the production of collagen. Due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment, there is very low risk of side effects and hence there no post treatment requirements. If, however, a chemical peel was administered prior to the Oxygen Therapy treatment then the normal Chemical Peel after-care instructions must be followed.

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