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Cosmelan and Dermamelan

Whether it is due to sun exposure or an imbalance in hormones, pigmentation can affect a person’s confidence and Cosmelan and Dermamelan are now treatments that can help.

Both of treatments that are offered at Clinica Lase are high strength formulations applied in-clinic and left on the skin for a recommended amount of time, dependent on skin type and severity of pigmentation. These treatments work to bring the pigment to the surface and then slough away to reveal a brighter and more even complexion. Downtime can vary and homecare will be provided on the day of your treatment.

Both Cosmelan and Dermamelan are used to treat pigmentation. Cosmelan is a milder treatment for less severe pigmentation, while Dermamelan is a medical treatment that is used for more severe cases. During a consultation at Clinica Lase, a suitable treatment plan can be created for you based on your skin needs.

What Can I Expect during Cosmelan and Dermamelan Treatments?

Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments involve a mask being applied to your face. The patient’s face will first be cleansed and then the Cosmelan or Dermamelan treatment will be applied, which appears thick and dark on the skin. This should be left on the face for up to 12 hours. Afterwards, you can wash this mask off your skin and this is when the home care treatment will start, which will be discussed with patients at their consultation.

You will be able to see the results of the treatment after around 14 days. The skin will be visibly brighter and glowing, as well as the appearance of pigmentation diminished. In addition, wrinkles and fine lines can be reduced and generally you can enjoy having a more youthful complexion. With correct home care, the results of Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments can be prolonged.

Does Cosmelan and Dermamelan Treatments hurt?

Having Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments will not hurt. Patients do not report any discomfort during the procedure and it is like getting a facial treatment. This means that there is nothing for patients to worry about. In addition, treatments do not last long, which means that you will be in and out of the clinic before you know it.

What Happens after Cosmelan and Dermamelan Treatments?

Once patients have washed off the Cosmelan and Dermamelan mask, it is normal for the skin to be red and slightly irritated. In addition, the skin can feel tight and uncomfortable at first. This should not worry patients and this will gradually resolve on its own. The skin can feel tender for up to 10 days after treatment. The skin will start to peel after a few days, which is a natural reaction to Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments.

Who is the ideal Candidate for Cosmelan and Dermamelan Treatment?

Men and women who want to improve their skin tone and texture, as well as diminish pigmentation, sun spots and melasma are suitable candidates for Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatment. This procedure can be used on all skin types.

If you would like to find out more about Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatment, you can arrange a consultation with a professional at Clinica Lase.

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