Laser Hair Removal

Clinica Lase laser hair removal clinic welcomes residents of Ballarat and Bendigo, and prides itself on providing comprehensive laser hair removal treatments. Thanks to our convenient locations in both Ballarat and Carlton, Clinica Lase can provide first-class treatments to customers across Victoria.

Laser hair removal treatment is now recognised as the most effective, non-invasive and permanent solution to unwanted hair for both women and men. With the latest Candela Gentle-LASE Alexandrite medical grade laser, removing unwanted hair has never been easier. Candela are pioneers in the aesthetic industry, and their Gentle-LASE machine incorporates a cooling system that both prevents it from overheating and cools the skin at the same time. The technology also allows many different types of skin to be treated, as it is especially safe for those with sensitive skin. When it comes to laser hair removal in Bendigo and Ballarat, Gentle-LASE is the most innovative and advanced option.

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Say goodby to razor burn!

At Clinica Lase we use the Candela Gentle-LASE which is a medical grade Alexandrite Laser which is safe and effective. The laser uses light energy to heat the hair follicle and gradually destroys the blood supply which feeds the hair. This innovative laser technology has a dynamic cooling device that makes the treatment more comfortable. It is suitable for all genders and most  skin types. We will provide a thorough consultation to determine your suitability and expected results.

Common Questions

2 weeks before Laser Hair Removal treatment it is very important that you avoid UV exposure and tanning. This includes the use of fake tanning solutions and solariums. You must notify your clinician if you have had any exposure to avoid risks of complications. Do not wax, tweeze, use hair removal devices or bleach 4 weeks prior to a Laser Hair Removal treatment. The area to be treated must be clean. No makeup should be applied and the application of lotions, creams or serums should be avoided. We understand that there may be times that this is unavoidable so please let your Clinician know and she may remove the product for you. If you have started taking any new medication or have changed medications you must advise your clinician to avoid any complications. The use of any exfoliating products must be discontinued 1 week prior to treatment. This includes products with ingredients such as vitamin A, lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid. The hair in the area to be treated must be no more than 1-2mm long. We recommend shaving or trimming the hair prior to treatment. If you require your Clinician to shave or trim the area down for you, you must let the receptionist know at the time of booking and there will be an additional shaving fee of $20.

Upon arrival you will be asked to fill out a consultation form which will include questions about your skin and hair type, medical conditions, previous treatments, etc. You will then have a private discussion with an experienced laser hair removal Clinician who will assess your individual requirements, suggest a tailored plan and take you through the details of the treatment including pre-care and aftercare. This will also give you the opportunity to have any questions or queries regarding your treatment answered. Your Clinician will then give you the option to undertake a patch test to assess your reaction to the treatment. This will also allow you to get an idea of the sensation of the treatment. The sensation of the treatment is often described as a mild flicking of a rubber band against the skin. Clients often express how comfortable Laser Hair Removal is in comparison to waxing, tweezing or the use of any hair removal devices. If you are concerned about having a low pain threshold then you also have the option of a numbing cream application prior to treatment. You can discuss this with your Clinician during the consultation.

At Clinica Lase we use state of the art medical grade laser machines for hair removal and all our Clinicians hold government approved laser safety qualifications. We pride ourselves on both our knowledge and experience but also on our thorough consultations that ensure we have all the necessary information to minimise the risk of complications. With a new client we will often start by administering a small test patch so that we can assess the skins reaction and patient comfort level before proceeding to full treatment. At Clinica Lase, you can be sure that your safety is our first priority.

Post treatment, redness, swelling and/or a sunburn like sensation can occur. This generally can last from as little as 2 hours to anything up to 3 days. If you experience any discomfort during this period you may apply a cold compress or alternatively an ice pack to the area. However, if you continue to experience any discomfort please notify your clinician immediately. In rare cases crusting may occur. If this occurs you must not pick the area. Allow the crusting to slough off naturally. If this occurs please contact the clinic or your Clinician immediately. Within a couple of days you can expect the hair in the treated area to begin to shed. This can often be mistaken for regrowth of hair, but this is not the case. The shedding of hair in the treated area is a normal part of the treatment and the hair can take any where up to 2 weeks to completely shed. 2 weeks post Laser Hair Removal treatment it is very important that you avoid UV exposure and tanning. This includes the use of solariums. If UV exposure in unavoidable then the application of an SPF 30 to the treated areas is mandatory as they become very photosensitive.

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