Why do I need to use skincare at home?

Why do I need to use skincare at home?

Would you go to a P.T and not eat a healthy diet? Would you sit an exam without studying? Skincare at home is a vital part of any skin journey, whether it’s to maintain the skin you have now or to address a certain concern, skin care is very important. But with so much skincare on the market how do we know we are choosing the right thing?

What can they treat? Who are they best for? 

There are so many skincare ranges on the market, from supermarkets to department stores to Instagram: it can be overwhelming. So how do we know which products to go with?

Cosmetics are not clinically proven to have any effect on the skin. Whilst cosmeceuticals are supported by clinical evidence: this means that they have had clinical trials to prove there is a measurable difference in the skin after use. These are done by independent researchers.

Let's compare:

  • The delivery system, aka how does the ingredient penetrate the skin to create change/fix the issue we want to fix. Cosmetic ingredients are not formatted in a way that allows them to penetrate the skin, so they end up being a coating on top of the skin.
  • Potency of ingredients: the amount of each ingredient in the product. Cosmetics have a lower amount of each ingredient than that which has been scientifically proven to make a change to the skin; basically, it’s like going to the gym and lifting 500g weights and expecting to look like the Rock.
  • Filler ingredients: Ingredients in cosmeceuticals are in a purer form and products are not filled with nasty ingredients to bulk out the product.
  • The quality of ingredients are higher in cosmeceuticals as they need to be clinically tested and proven to work.
  • Less perfumes/less allergens: Cosmedics are often scented which can cause sensitivities in many skins.
  • Dermatologically tested: this means that trials are done to test the product's likelihood to cause allergies.

Choosing products for my skin

It is important to ensure that we are choosing the right products for our skin. But how?

Choosing products for your skin involves:

  • Choosing the right ingredients with scientific evidence.
  • Choosing the correct delivery system for your skin type. Some skins will not take on some forms of ingredients as readily as other skins.
  • Choosing the right consistency. This is dependent on your skin type, the product type, the time of year, your preferences, and other products that you are using on your skin.

Why should I have my skincare prescribed in clinic?

Let the experts decide. It is always advised to have your skincare prescribed in clinic, as mentioned above, there are many different reasons a product may or may not be right for you. We want to ensure you are getting the most out of each product that you use, and that products are not overlapping or counteracting each other. There are also some ingredients that don’t work well together, they can cause reactions or stop each other from doing the job they were intended for. Therefore, to ensure that you are using skincare that is right for your skin, to treat the concerns that you have and to get the most out of your routine it is always best to ask the advice of a professional skin therapist.