Our Top Rated Anti-Ageing Products

Our Top Rated Anti-Ageing Products

We know the ageing process of our skin can be a little intimidating, but it doesn’t mean we can’t age beautifully. If you’re wondering why we have flipped the term anti-ageing to age management, it is because we are not ANTI-ageing – we are FOR ageing; after all, it is a privilege to grow old. Managing the changes our skin goes through can make a tremendous difference to how we look and feel about ourselves. Perhaps you’ve not given your skin much attention in your younger years, or maybe you’ve recently celebrated a milestone birthday and realised that your skin doesn’t look as velvety in the mornings. Whatever it is, the following products will turn the simplest of regimens into a cosmetic dynasty and your skin will be looking baby-smooth in no time.

Société Triple C  Vitamin Therapy Serum

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants we can use on our skin. Not all vitamin C serums are made with the same supporting ingredients – and it’s what else is in the product that counts too. This particular serum is a clinic favourite as it contains THREE different types of Vitamin C! This vital vitamin is not only a free radical fighter, but also a building block for our collagen. The added 9 firming and tightening peptides in the Triple C serum are what make this product stand out from the rest. If pigmentation and ageing are of concern to you, then look no further. Having worked with this product for over 5 years, I can guarantee that it receives the best feedback for age management and clients notice a visibly brighter and smoother complexion within weeks. Triple C is best used in the morning underneath a moisturiser and sun protection. 

DermaQuest Peptide Facial Booster

The fact that we call this product Botox in a bottle gives you a big indication as to how good this product is! When I saw the ingredients list for this one I may have done a happy dance, because it’s made up of a whopping 60% peptides to slow down visible signs of ageing. There are hundreds of peptides available on the market today but to keep things short and sweet, DermaQuest skincare products use the best of the best when it comes to peptides. This serum uses a combination of neurotransmitter peptides to weaken the signals that are sent for muscle movement and enzyme-inhibiting peptides to prevent the breakdown of collagen. This serum really is liquid gold in a bottle and works well for those wanting to relax expression creases and smooth finer lines. Usage: Apply first after cleansing morning and night.

Cosmedix Elite X-Age

This super moisturiser is the essence of age management remedies. Research has shown that stress is a big contributor to accelerated ageing so this product contains powerful calming ingredients, as well as Cosmedix’s signature AGP complex which is a patented, high quality delivery of retinol via a microencapsulated group of amino acids. Red clover is a potent phytoestrogen which also makes this a fabulous moisturiser for menopausal skin. Usage: Because the AGP complex delivers retinol through the layers of the skin with little to no irritation, this product can be used morning and night time but is not suitable for pregnancy or breastfeeding.

SkinBetter Science Interfuse Intensive Treatment LINES

This product is a little different to the other products we’ve discussed so far! Interfuse Lines is a serum designed to be used on specific areas of concern ONLY (think frown lines, lip lines and crow’s feet), and utilises a proprietary and revolutionary InterFuse™ delivery system to help deliver high molecular weight, injectable-grade hyaluronic acid deeper and faster to re-volumize the appearance of skin. This is a no needle approach to diminishing wrinkles and is the same grade and quality of that used in dermal fillers. To get the full SkinBetter Science skincare experience, great way to trial this product is in the three-step Smoothing Experience Kit. This age-defying kit comes with Interfuse Treatment Cream EYE and Interfuse Treatment Cream FACE & NECK to complement Interfuse Lines. Usage: AM & PM - Apply thin layer (before any other products) on clean, dry skin to targeted areas: crow’s feet, forehead, upper lid, and smile lines. 

Société Age Defying Boosting Pads

If you’re like me and love to mix your routine up from time to time, then having a pot of these magical Boosting Pads in the bathroom are totally worth it! Boosting by name and boosting by nature, all it takes is for one of these pads to be gently swiped across your face and neck to get the youth enhancing benefits and radiant, refreshed skin that you’ve been looking for. This triple threat product uses a combination of Vitamin C, retinol and anti-aging peptides to manage the signs of aging. As these pads do contain retinol, they are not suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Usage: Apply 1 Boosting Pad to your face and neck 2-3 times per week after cleansing. Have you tried any of our top age management products? Let us know what you think!