The Benefits of TruSculpt for Non-Surgical Body Contouring

The Benefits of TruSculpt for Non-Surgical Body Contouring

truSculpt is an effective yet comfortable, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment used to reduce stubborn pockets of fat. Perfect for those fat pockets that are not treated with exercise. truSculpt is safe as all parts of the treatment are controlled and customisable, allowing an average of 24% of fat cells to be eliminated each treatment, without downtime. Our clinicians at Clinica Lase have extensive knowledge and experience in providing the truSculpt treatment and are able to customise to each individual client's needs. Here, our experts explain how this treatment works and answer some of the most common questions about its safety and efficacy. 

What is truSculpt? 

When visiting our clinic for the truSculpt treatment, our Dermal Clinicians will go through the science behind the treatment, pre care, post care and tailored pricing with you. 

The clinician will assess and mark up the treatment area, ensuring the specific areas of concern are being treated. Return pads will then be placed on the back to ensure the safe return of the radio frequency energy. The handpieces will then be meticulously placed on the marked out area, this is done with precision to ensure the best results possible. The treatment is then performed; during which a heating sensation is felt in the area. The treatment itself runs for 15 minutes with a rotation cycle through the paddles as an extra safety measure. The temperature is controlled by your clinician as the machine is reading, in real time, both the skin and machine's temperature. Allowing us to ensure a safe and effective treatment.   

The Science Behind the Results 

truSculpt uses monopolar radiofrequency to selectively target and heat fat cells until they are irreversibly damaged. The truSculpt system allows an electric current to flow between a single electrode and a grounding point, creating volumetric heating of the fat tissue with temperature controls allowing us to maintain a safe temperature of 43°C and 44°C, therefore not damaging the skin surface whilst allowing the heat to travel to the fat cells. This stress-induced cell death allows the body to remove the affected fat cells via the lymphatic system. Studies have shown that on average this results in a 24% fat reduction in the treated area. 

What are the benefits of truSculpt?

truSculpt treatments are safe.

Our clinicians have extensive knowledge and experience, and are thoroughly trained in the truSculpt. The device itself has many personalisable safety features: with return pads being placed on the skin to ensure safe exit of the radio frequency, alongside a rotation cycle through the paddles to ensure adequate treatment and rest time is given during the treatment. Furthermore, the temperature of both the skin and machine output is controlled by your clinician, with the ability to increase and decrease the temperature by 0.5°C at a time and a real time reading of both the skin and machine's temperature. Allowing us to ensure a safe, personalised treatment. We do not leave the room whilst the treatment is underway to ensure you are comfortable throughout. 

truSculpt treatments are non-invasive. 

TruSculpt treatments are non-invasive in more than one way. Our clinicians will be discreet whilst ensuring that you are comfortable and modesty is maintained throughout the treatment. Further, the treatment doesn't break the skin or cause any downtime, with only a mild warming sensation like a heat pack sitting on the area. 

Sessions are quick and easy to schedule

When booking the first treatment and consultation our staff will happily guide you in the appointment length required as this is dependent on the areas to be treated. The 30 minute complimentary consultation can be booked the same day as, or separate to, your first treatment. 

Depending on the areas you are wanting to have treated appointments are between 30 minutes and 2 hours in length, leaving ample time for our clinicians to ensure that you are comfortable and treatment is customised to your individual needs. 

Subsequent treatments will be booked by our staff at the end of your appointment and they will guide you regarding appointment length. 

Multiple areas can be treated in a single session.

The truSculpt system allows multiple areas to be treated within one session by having multiple handpieces ranging from 16cm2 to 40cm2. The number of handpieces applied to each area will depend on the size of the treatment area and up to 24 handpieces can be used on the body within one session. 

There’s no downtime. 

Due to the volumetric heating using monopolar radiofrequency technology there is no downtime post treatment. Normal clothes can be worn and light exercise can be done post treatment. Some slight redness and slight swelling may occur post treatment but will dissipate within 1-24 hours. 

Treatments are entirely discreet.

Our staff aim to ensure all clients are comfortable during treatment. This includes being discreet when discussing treatments with clients in the common areas, ensuring towels and robes are provided when required and all treatments occurring in private rooms. Our clinicians will take care in ensuring that you are comfortable and modesty is maintained during treatment.   

It’s affordable.

Pricing is dependent on the amount of handpieces that are required to your area and the amount that comfortably fit within the desired area. This allows us to tailor the treatment and cost to you.