Go-to treatment for glowing skin all year round

Go-to treatment for glowing skin all year round

These days, the most common goal we are hearing here at Clinica Lase would be to be able to wear as minimal makeup as possible. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? Having the convenience to just apply your skincare, put minimal makeup or even none, and you can get right out of the door? Yes, please. Ever wonder what treatment would give you that glowy skin all year round? Continue to read to find out!

Here are the different steps to achieve that healthy and glowy skin at all times of the year:

1. Figure out what your main concerns are

First things first, what are the things that bothers you the most when you look at yourself in the mirror? Some people would have a list of things they notice, but some would have nothing at all which is completely fine. Oftentimes, these things you notice would be the things that you cover up most with makeup. Therefore, it would be our priority to target these for you through in-clinic treatments and home care. Whether it be acne, uneven skin tone or texture, you name it, we’ve got you covered.

2. Learn to understand what your skin needs and how it changes over different seasons

Looking, feeling and understanding what your skin is telling you and knowing what it needs are key to managing your skin health. Realistically, our skin condition is going to fluctuate over different times of the year. We’re sure you know what we meant by this. Sometimes you wake up and your skin feels amazing and it looks glowy and plump, but on other times it might feel dry, dull, maybe itchy or you might experience some breakouts. Yes, unfortunately we’ve all been through that and we’re human, so these things are completely normal. 
The steps you take to get your skin back to its prime condition is absolutely crucial. Stay away from home remedies and seek professional advice from our dermal clinicians as everyone’s skin is different. When you come to see us, one of our goals is to also educate you on understanding your own skin and what to do in times your skin is acting up.

3. In-clinic treatments: get a customised plan based on your skin concerns

To achieve that healthy glowy skin, nothing beats regular and tailored professional treatments. Depending on what your skin needs, here at Clinica Lase we’ve got various modalities that we can utilise to optimise your skin’s condition. Then, once you’ve reached a point where you’re happy with your skin, maintaining it and also doing preventative treatments is another step you can take. Starting from our gentle downtime-free laser genesis to our more invasive treatments, we can tailor it based on what your skin needs and also we can discuss ways to fit it into your lifestyle.

4. Home care: your skin’s daily nutrition needs

Last but not least, home care is nothing less important than doing professional treatments. Adapting the same concept of going to the gym and having a good diet is equally as important to achieve a healthy and fit body, it also applies to how we can take care of our skin. Seeing us in the clinic for professional treatments are like those gym sessions for your skin and home care is what you are feeding your skin every single day. Setting up a good skincare routine that works on your skin would be the best thing that you can do to achieve that glow. Your skin will definitely thank you for it. Of course finding a good skincare routine is quite challenging and it might not be an instant process, but it is worth it for your long term solution. Starting with your fundamentals such as cleanse, moisturise and protect, and moving on to a more personalised approach based on your skin concerns would be best. This might include some antioxidants, your vitamin ABC, exfoliants and other amazing actives for your skin. Click here to read more about why you need to use skincare at home. Working together with our dermal clinicians to guide you into what would benefit your skin the most would be the easiest way to achieve this without going the long way round of trying endless skincare products in the market. Click here to book in your complimentary consultation with our trusty dermal clinicians.

All in all, achieving a healthy and glowy skin all year round does take a couple of different steps. As much as we want it to be a one-size-fits-all advice for everyone, unfortunately we believe that no one’s skin is the same and it reflects on how we treat our client’s skin, always personalised and no one is on the exact same treatment plan. Ready to start the journey towards that glowy healthy skin? Get in touch and we’ll get you sorted.