Everything you need to know about Peptides

Everything you need to know about Peptides

Day to day activities, environmental factors, and lifestyle may affect how our skin changes over time. As you know with aging, we can’t stop it, but we can manage it so that we age like a fine wine. Other than the classic vitamin C and vitamin A, you’ve likely heard about peptides if you are fighting the same battle against aging. But what exactly is it and what does it do to our skin? Is it really worth adding to your skincare routine?

You’ve come to the right place, here are all things you need to know about peptides.

What can they treat? Who are they best for? 

Peptides are short chains of amino acids, which are essentially fragments or the building block of proteins. In general, peptides send signals throughout our whole body to help our body function well. Talking about proteins in our skin, it’s the good old collagen and elastin that automatically pop into our minds and we know how both of these are fundamental to keeping our skin firmness and elasticity. However, unfortunately, as we age, our body breaks down and produces less collagen and elastin leading to fine lines, wrinkles, dull and saggy skin, nobody wants that! Peptides are amazing at stimulating collagen production, reducing collagen breakdown, and more.

Different types of Peptides

Like all things, not all peptides are the same. They work in different ways, such as:

1. Signalling Peptides

Gives signals for our skin to produce more collagen, elastin, and other structures to keep our skin looking plump and firm.

2. Neurotransmitter-inhibitor Peptides

Botox-like peptides which relax your muscles, in turn, smoothen your lines without any needles. How good is that!

3. Enzyme-inhibitor Peptides

Stops our body’s natural process of breaking down collagen, prevents pigmentation, and more.

4. Carrier Peptides

Deliver trace elements that are necessary for our skin’s cells to function properly. Copper has been all the rage for its ability to reduce fine lines, and wrinkles, and improve photodamaged skin.

Peptides in skincare, who is it for?

While peptides itself are exceptional, it works best when it is formulated with other supporting ingredients and with the right delivery system. Peptides are also very versatile, adding these to your skincare regime is fairly easy as it does not cause any sort of reaction or irritation. So, it’s perfect for anyone that has not been able to tolerate vitamin A or cannot use vitamin A due to other reasons such as pregnancy, but for those of you who are already using vitamin A, peptides would elevate your routine further.

With its ability to perform incredible things for our skin, yet gentle and easy enough to incorporate into your skincare routine, what are you waiting for?

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the products we absolutely adore at Clinica Lase:

  1. DermaQuest Peptide Facial Booster
    Our so-called “botox in a bottle”, is an absolutely powerful anti-aging product combining all kinds of peptides with 60% peptide solution to rejuvenate and transform your skin. We would also recommend this to anyone receiving injectable treatments to maintain your beautiful result.
  2. Skinbetter Science Interfuse Intensive Treatment LINES
    One-of-a-kind spot treatment product for your stubborn lines. Combining injectable grade hyaluronic acid, collagen-supporting peptides, muscle relaxing peptides and vitamin C with their cutting-edge delivery system allowing all of these amazing ingredients to penetrate deeper into your skin. A revolutionary product for anyone that is not quite down for going the injectables pathway, for anyone that wants to maintain their injectables result, and for pregnant ladies out there looking for alternative ways to keep their lines under control.
  3. Dermaceutic Derma Lift 5.0
     A wonderful formulation to achieve both instant and long-lasting results. This product combines tensing agents to immediately give a lifting effect with various collagen-boosting peptides, bakuchiol, ceramides, panthenol, allantoin, and mineral cocktails to support your process of aging gracefully, nourish, calm and support your skin’s wellbeing.
  4. DermaQuest EvenSkin Serum
    A unique lightweight serum that relies on enzyme-inhibiting peptides to regulate pigment production to even out your skin tone while hydrating your skin and providing potent antioxidant protection at the same time.
  5. Societe Rejuvenating Peptide Sheet Mask
    Our go-to post-care sheet mask after treatments contains botox-like peptides and stem cells to soothe your skin while rejuvenating your skin at the same time. Feels so cooling and calming that it reduces your redness and puffiness instantly. We also highly recommend applying this mask before makeup application on your big day or at any events you have. Top tip: pop these in your fridge before you apply.