800x800_Advanced Therapy Mini Pumpkin Mask 2oz 56.7g

Mini Pumpkin Mask

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Pumpkin Pulp is a dynamic ingredient that minimises the effects of problematic skin concerns and pigmentation without the use of Salicylic acid. This resurfacing mask purifies skin for a polished and smooth complexion.
Key Benefits:
• Smoothing and rejuvenating
• Calming with rich antioxidant benefits
• Clarifies complexion and minimises the appearance of blemishes
DermaQuest is a medical grade, doctors only product which can only be purchased in consultation with an approved Dermal Clinician. If you are interested in purchasing a DermaQuest product a member of our team will contact you, once your order has been received, to finalise your purchasePlease note that all purchases will need to be paid for through the clinic directly.

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