Digest - Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Digest - Organic Loose Leaf Tea

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Digest is a organic caffeine-free herbal tea blend with a precise combination of blueberries, hibiscus, dandelion, linden and licorice. This tea can help with supporting digestion and to calm the nervous system. 

Enjoy after meals, throughout the day, and even before bed.



Like other herbal teas, hibiscus tea can interfere with the effectiveness of certain medications.

These contain antihypertensive drugs, which can cause hypotension (low blood pressure) when administered at the same time as hibiscus. Similarly, the combination of high doses of hibiscus supplements and diabetes medications can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels). Consult your doctor before using home remedies, even something as harmless as hibiscus tea. 

If you are taking prescription medications, consult your doctor before drinking dandelion tea.

Do not use licorice if you are taking warfarin, blood thinners, estrogen drugs, drugs that lower potassium levels, or drugs for kidney or liver disease. Consult your doctor before using licorice.

If you are taking blood pressure medication, have a history of heart disease, or are taking lithium, consult your doctor before taking Linden.

Do not use if pregnant.

• Amazing for all

• Bilberries & Hibiscus - A powerful antioxidant known as free radicals to help prevent or reverse damage to cells, may improve brain function, fight off bacteria, and improve digestion.

• Dandelion - Loaded with antioxidants betacarotene and polyphenols. Aids to soothe minor digestive ailments and improve appetite.

• Linden - Linden is a calming agent soothe the digestive. Linden may also be used to assist sleep.

• LICORICE: Helps to soothe an upset stomach, reduce inflammation, and treat upper respiratory problems. Licorice may assist with mood swings, anxiety, stress, digestive issues and a variety of skin conditions.

Bilberries, hibiscus, dandelion, linden, licorice.

Digest does not contain GMOs, artificial colors or flavors.
It's the perfect alternative for people who want to quit caffeine.

Made from natural ingredients without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Vegan, no artificial preservatives, non-GMO, no gluten, dyes, stabilizers, or food acids.

FODMAP friendly.

Manufactured in Australia using imported and local ingredients