What is Skin Needling? Your Questions Explained.

What is Skin Needling? Your Questions Explained.

Skin Needling, also known as CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) is the latest craze to hit the industry and it’s causing quite a stir. This is no surprise to me as the results that clients are experiencing are truly not to be underestimated.  For fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and general textural improvement of the skin this treatment is a must try for all skin types.

So what is skin needling and how does it work?  In a nutshell, skin needling involves pricking the skin with a series of very fine needles and whilst there is minimal penetration it induces the skin into a wound healing response which in turn promotes new collagen production.  There are various devices available on the market but at Clinica-Lase we use the German-made Dermaroller and more recently the all-new, highly acclaimed e-Dermastamp from the same company.  We use these as we believe they are the best but they are also the only TGA approved devices in Australia.  Both devices employ high-quality medical grade stainless steel micro-needles but whilst the Dermaroller is a manual device the e-Dermastamp electronically stamps the skin delivering up to 150 pricks per second. This produces exceptional results when treating scarring, stretch marks and ageing skin by increasing the thickness of the epidermis.  Unlike other devices on the market, the e-Dermastamp also has an added component which allows the infusion of Hyaluronic acid (a very high moisture binding acid naturally produced in our own bodies) into the deeper layers of the skin which provides ultimate hydration.

At Clinica-Lase we have found this treatment has grown enormously in popularity, not only due to the great results but also due to the minimal downtime and since no heat is created in the skin it can be performed on any skin type and colour.  The treatment itself can take anywhere from 1 hour to 1 ½ hours depending on the device being used.  I generally recommend a series of 4-6 treatment spaced 4-6 weeks apart for optimum results.

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