Wedding Prep – 6 Months Out

Tahlia and Bridesmaids

Wedding Prep – 6 Months Out

Given we’re in the throws of winter, it may seem early to be talking about wedding season but from the perspective of your skin clinician it’s the perfect time to start thinking about it. Did you know that to create significant change in the skin it takes at least 3-6 months of consistent treatment and homecare? 

For those of you who have existing skin conditions that need to be cleared before the big day, this may mean starting even sooner to ensure you’ll have your dream skin when it truly matters.

So Brides, why should you be thinking about booking yourself a skin appointment?

  • Photos are forever! If there’s one picture you want to love, it’s the one that hangs up in your living room from the day you said, “I do.” Starting treatments in advance of your big day helps to ensure you have glowing, radiant skin as you grace the aisle 
  • #AceYourBase – The better condition your skin is in, the better your makeup will look and also last on the day! Todays bridal trend is soft and natural meaning the less makeup you need the easier this look will be created.
  • Save yourself from any surprises! Never had a chemical peel or laser treatment before? Trying this for the first time just before your wedding day may not be the best idea. The most successful bridal skin comes from our clients who have the more invasive treatment months before which means you can go for more basic treatments closer to the day.

No two brides are the same and as such, skin concerns will differ as well as the types of treatments in the lead up to a wedding. At Clinica Lase, we always start with a thorough consultation to discuss the best course of action and then suggest a treatment plan to tackle your most prominent concerns. 

When we’re 1-2 months out from the day we focus on treatments such as Oxygen facials to plump and hydrate, Clear + Brilliant to regenerate, Lactic peels to exfoliate and brighten or dermaplaning to de-fuzz and smooth out the skin’s surface.

As much as we preach preparation, if you’ve left making your skin appointment a little late, that’s ok! We will always do everything we can to ensure we have you glowing at the altar!

*Clinica Lase Bride Tahlia, pictured with Bridesmaids, Laura, Asha and Brea.



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