Clear and Brilliant Ballarat

Clear + Brilliant is a new fractionated laser treatment offered by Clinica Lase.

This innovative treatment enjoys being effective at improving the skin but is also gentler than treatments like Fraxel. In particular Clear + Brilliant can be used to combat the signs of aging.

Clear + Brilliant is suitable for all kinds of skin types, colour and age of patients. It is often a treatment sought before important engagements, such as weddings and other social occasions where people want to look their best.

Generally, the results of Clear + Brilliant can be realised within a few days and even more time will show noticeable improvements.

Common Questions

An experienced clinician will advise you on the best products that you should use before Clear + Brilliant treatment. This makes sure that the skin is all ready and prepped for the treatment as best as it can be. This can minimise the adverse reactions of the treatment and make results even better. Normally, products will be used for around two weeks before the procedure, but this can change depending on the patient.

Patients will fill out a consultation form with all of their details before treatment begins. This means answering questions about any medical conditions, your skin types and previous treatments. In addition, a clinician will have a chat to you about the treatment and assess any individual requirements. A tailored plan will be created to aim for the best results. The details about aftercare will also be discussed thoroughly. Patients are encouraged to ask any questions they may have about Clear + Brilliant in Bendigo.

During the procedure, most patients describe minimal discomfort associated with Clear + Brilliant. A prickling sensation may be felt and some warming of the skin afterwards.

For Clear + Brilliant treatment in Ballarat, we only use medical grade, TGA approved laser technology. This ensures that procedures are safe for patients.

Our team also have experience and conduct full consultations with patients to understand their needs before treatment. All of the important information is gathered beforehand to avoid risks and complications of Clear + Brilliant treatment. Safety is a priority for patients in Ballarat.

The most common side effects that we find after having Clear + Brilliant treatment tend to be some redness on the skin, as well as minor swelling. However, the redness will resolve on its own after around four to six hours. Aftercare will also help with the swelling. In addition, the skin can feel dry for a few days.

But it is important to realise that these are positive effects of Clear + Brilliant. They are signs that the skin is regenerating and is going to improve the skin’s appearance. Some patients may not experience side effects, which is nothing to worry about.

Right after treatment, there should be no strenuous activity for 48 hours. Anything from steam rooms and hot showers to Bikram Yoga are to be avoided. This also includes chlorinated or salt water pools.

In Ballarat, it important to avoid sun experience for around 14 days after Clear + Brilliant. A minimum of SPF 30 should be used to protect the skin when outdoors. In addition, any facial treatments should be avoided for a minimum of 14 days after the procedure. This can include microdermabrasion and facial laser treatment. Waxing and IPL treatment should be stopped for five to seven days.

Patients in Ballarat will be advised on the correct skincare procedures after Clear + Brilliant, which will be important for the best results.

$475 - Clear and Brilliant + Facial Treatment (includes chemical peel, Clear and Brilliant treatment, LED, growth factor serum & take home sheet mask) 

Combined Treatments

$675 - Clear and Brilliant + Skin Pen + Facial Treatment
Combined to help collagen remodelling, improve lines & wrinkles, skin texture and aids in strengthening the skin. Addresses the skin at varying levels for optimal results.

$675 - Clear and Brilliant + Laser Genesis + Facial Treatment
Combined to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin whilst improving surface texture.