Hair Removal for Redheads - What Are Your Options?

Hair Removal for Redheads - What Are Your Options?

When it comes to hair removal red hair can be a problem.  Many hair removal options are designed for people with fair skin and dark hair and are simply not suitable for redheads.  This leaves many people with red, blonde, or otherwise light-coloured hair stuck in the endless cycle of shaving or waxing.  But is laser hair removal ever an option for someone with red hair?  What other hair removal options are available for redheads?  Let's take a closer look at your options.

Why Laser Hair Removal May Not Work For Red Hair

Laser hair removal is the gold standard for people who want to achieve a permanent reduction in their unwanted body hair.  Unfortunately, laser hair removal is unintentionally discriminatory towards people who have dark skin or very light-coloured hair. This is because the process works by locating and targeting pigment at the hair follicle base.  Laser hair removal machines look for contrast, and ignore pale areas while focusing their light on areas without pigmentation.  Of course, this perfectly benefits people with fair skin and dark body hair. But it means that the procedure is generally not recommended for people with dark skin since there is a chance that the surrounding skin can be damaged by inadvertently being targeted by the laser.  Equally, laser hair removal can be ineffective for people with very light hair, as there simply isn't enough pigment in the hair follicle base for the laser to target.  The laser machine can find it difficult to distinguish between fair coloured skin and fair hair, with the treatment ultimately proving ineffective since there is not enough pigment in the hair follicles for the laser to target. This may not be encouraging news for redheads, but all is not lost.  There are some instances when laser hair removal can still prove effective for people with red or fair hair.

What To Expect With Laser Hair Removal If You Have Red Hair

Darker Or Thicker Hair

If you're thinking of laser hair removal red hair is not always a complete barrier to the treatment.  Laser hair removal machines work best with thick, coarse hair, which is a mark in favour of many redheads.  With many redheads naturally having thick hair, this can make it easier for laser hair removal procedures to work. Similarly, body areas with thicker skin (such as the chin and back) tend to respond better to laser hair removal than areas with thinner, more sensitive skin (such as the bikini area and armpits).  If you're looking for laser hair removal in a thicker-skinned area, if your hair is relatively coarse, and if it is a darker shade of red, laser hair removal may still be an option.

More Treatments

While hair removal for redheads is never going to be as straightforward as it is for people with fair skin and dark hair, you may still be able to get the results you want if you're willing to undertake a greater number of treatments. Your first step will be to speak to a clinician at Clinica Lase, who will be able to perform a consultation and advise you on the best way to proceed.  It may be the case that you would need to have at least eight sessions of laser hair removal to achieve the reduction in body hair that you're looking for.

Hair Removal For Redheads: Other Options To Consider


Another alternative that can provide excellent results for redheads is electrolysis.  This procedure involves the insertion of a fine probe into the hair follicle, killing the root and causing the hair to fall out.  When performed by a reputable laser clinic, electrolysis is completely safe and results in permanent hair loss.

Diode Laser

A diode laser is another form of laser hair removal for redheads which can be very effective.  A similar procedure to laser hair removal, the diode laser has been shown to be effective for people with various skin colour and hair colour combinations.

At-Home Hair Removal Methods

Of course, you would already be familiar with at-home methods of hair removal for redheads.  For many people with blonde hair or very light red hair, regular shaving will ultimately end up being the most time and cost-effective method of hair removal.  Shaving is easy to do and pain-free but needs to be repeated regularly. Waxing offers longer-lasting results but comes with a higher pain-factor. Waxing can be inexpensive if you can perfect the technique at home, otherwise, you will get faster and better results if you visit a waxing centre – but note that waxing prices can vary.   If you would like to know more about laser hair removal and whether it could be an effective hair removal option for you, contact the friendly team at your local Clinica Lase skin clinic today.  One of the clinicians will be happy to meet with you and assess your individual circumstances, letting you know whether you could be a good candidate for laser hair removal or whether another option may be more suitable.