A Complete Guide to Lip Filler Aftercare

A Complete Guide to Lip Filler Aftercare

Lip fillers are an excellent way to give your lips a more plump, full appearance. Like all treatments, the right aftercare plan is important for making sure you have a great experience and recover quickly. Whether you’ve just seen a skin specialist at Clinica Lase for your lip filler treatment, or you’re just wondering what usually happens after treatment, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with a complete guide to lip filler aftercare, and help you learn what you should do (and what not to do) after lip injections.

Follow Your Clinic’s Instructions For Lip Filler Aftercare

Before we get started and discuss lip injection aftercare, we should make one thing clear. These are just general instructions and tips. To make sure you recover quickly, you need to follow your clinic’s instructions for aftercare to the letter. Don’t just rely on this article for aftercare instructions. In addition, if you feel like you are experiencing a lot of swelling or are experiencing pain and discomfort after your lip filler procedure, see a professional at your clinic right away.

Swelling After Lip Fillers – Totally Normal

The most common side effect of having lip fillers is swelling of the lips. Your lips may look swollen and much larger than you expected. Don’t panic. Swelling after lip fillers is totally normal. Usually, this will go away within just a few days. Wondering how to reduce swelling after lip injections? If your lips are very swollen, you can use an ice pack to help reduce swelling and discomfort, if present. Make sure you only apply ice for about 10 minutes at a time, though, to avoid damaging your tissue with too much cold.

Bruising After Lip Fillers – What To Do

Lip filler bruising is another normal side effect of the treatment. It’s normal, and any discomfort should subside within a few days. Again, icing can help with this discomfort, as can over-the-counter pain medication. It may take up to 2 weeks for the bruise to completely disappear. Note, however, that bruising or pain outside of your lip area is not normal. If you experience serious bruising or pain outside your lips, call your clinic for a consultation immediately.

Lumps After Lip Fillers – A Temporary Problem

Bumps and lumps after lip fillers are another common side effect of treatment, caused by an uneven distribution of the filler. As time goes on, the filler will continue to spread throughout your lip tissue, and these lumps will go away. If you continue to have lumps after 2 weeks, though, you may want to contact your clinic for a follow-up to correct the issue.

What NOT To Do After Lip Injections – Avoid These Lip Filler Aftercare Mistakes

There are a few things you should definitely avoid for a little while after lip injections.

Don’t fly internationally

You should save your long trips until you’re fully recovered. Long, 3+ hour plane rides can make the symptoms of getting lip fillers worse due to the dry environment. And, if something goes wrong, you’ll be far from your favourite skin clinic where you can get assistance and advice.

Don’t exercise or get too warm

For the first few days after your procedure, you should avoid going to the gym, as this can slow down the healing of the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) in the lips. Excessive heat like saunas and steam rooms should also be avoided. This causes blood vessels to dilate, and can contribute to more bruising and discomfort.

Don't drink alcohol

Alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate, just like heat, which can cause more bruising. Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours and ideally for several days after your procedure.

Our Top Tips For The Lip Filler Recovery Process

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will help speed up the recovery process and prevent your newly-injected lips from drying out.

Plan ahead

We recommend that you get your lip fillers at least 2 weeks before any big events. This ensures that your lips will look their best and be free of any swelling, bruising or lumps.

Be patient

Good things take time, and this is true of lip fillers.

Remember, your lips may look odd or swell for a few days after treatment. But don’t panic. This is completely normal. If you’re patient and wait, you’ll see that the results at the end of your lip filler journey will be worth it.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Wondering how long lip filler treatment lasts, compared to other treatments like skin needling? They will usually last about 6-8 months, so most patients at our clinic choose to be treated twice yearly for the best results.

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