5 tips on getting your skin summer ready

5 tips on getting your skin summer ready

To all Melburnians out there who went through such a long, cold and gloomy winter this year and to everyone in other parts of Australia or anywhere in the world experiencing the same thing, put away those thick jackets because warmer weather is FINALLY here! I bet most of you have been sorting out your winter clothes and swapping them for summery outfits. Just as you would switch your wardrobe, consider making some changes to how you would care for your skin to keep it healthy and glowy throughout this beautiful season. Not sure where to start? Here are 5 tips on getting your skin summer ready.

1. Step up your cleansing routine

With the summer heat and humidity, imagine how much debris, oils and makeup that will be left on our skin. Yes, you guessed right. Probably a lot more than what we want. Trust us, your skin will thank you just by doing an extra step of double cleansing at night. This could be a mix of oil-based cleansers and water-based cleansers or both steps with water-based cleansers. Here at Clinica Lase, we have an endless amount of cleanser options to cater to different skin needs. Talk to our dermal clinicians to see which one would be most suitable for you.

2. Consider swapping your skincare to something that feels lighter

Changing seasons also means (but not always) changing up your skincare routine. During winter months where we need richer, more nourishing products to combat those nasty winter dryness, summer months call for a different measure. You might want to swap to something more summer-appropriate, perhaps something lighter. But of course every skin is different. Our best advice would be to seek assistance from our dermal clinicians.

3. Antioxidants + SPF combo is *chef’s kiss* (don’t forget to reapply too.)

Whether you’re a sun-lover or not, we can’t escape getting more sun during summer time. And as you know, UV exposure is one of the biggest enemies for our skin. So, lather up on your SPF, step it up with antioxidants to boost your sunscreen’s effectiveness and don’t skip the reapplying step too! Tone Smart SPF 50 Priming Compact by Skinbetter Science is one of our favourite ways to reapply our sunscreen. It gives an amazing amount of protection against both UVA and UVB, it looks amazing under or over your makeup and it’s so easy to carry around in your bag.

4. Don’t skip on your pigment inhibitors

Often we found that pigmentary concerns, such as melasma or ephelides/freckles, are better managed during winter times where we have less UV exposure. But with the sun back out, it is getting more and more challenging to keep it under control. Our plan of action for this would include suppressing those hyperactive pigment production as best as we can with in-clinic treatments AND equally important would be a really good homecare. Using the right products and being diligent with your skincare routine plays a huge part in achieving a satisfactory outcome. So whether it be winter or summer, never ever skip on your pigment inhibitors.

5. Lock in your maintenance treatments

Last but not least, having touchpoints with our dermal clinicians in between those months are necessary. Our skin is an ever-changing organ, so changing seasons would usually trigger different concerns as well. Having our dermal clinicians’ advice would be very valuable to make sure those concerns are addressed and also to make sure you are on the right track towards your goal. Our suggestion would be to plan ahead to make sure you don’t forget to come in!

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