Why Peptides?

Peptides for skin care

Why Peptides?

In recent times there has been a lot of publicity about product ranges containing peptides. These ingredients are expensive to produce and complex in nature meaning most product ranges containing peptides attract a significant price premium but what is all the hype and what do they do?

Peptides are a combination of two or more different amino acids that send signals to tissue cells to behave in a certain way.
There are thousands of different types of peptides many of which can be used to stimulate and alter the cellular function of the skin in a variety of different ways to target specific aging concerns. Anti-aging skin care is all about slowing down or reversing the signs of aging and sun damage by retaining, as much as possible, the look, feel and function of the younger skin. This is where peptides fit in!

Classic anti-aging peptides such as Matrixyl and Copper Peptides stimulate collagen synthesis and have been shown to reduce wrinkle volume and increase skin thickness resulting in a more even, youthful skin clarity. Products with these peptides need to be used for a sustained period of time to see maximum benefit.

Neuro peptides tend to blur the nerve receptions to the muscle to soften movement and hence reducing lines and wrinkles. These are fantastic for clients who are having anti-wrinkle injections and would like to prolong the effects or the clients who prefer to stick to something a little more au natural.

One of my favourites is the lymph peptide. Having suffered from dark circles my whole life (thanks mum) and having tried many different products and treatments, I finally fell in love with a product that contained these lymph peptides. Dark circles are a pooling of blood in the eye area and since the skin under the eye is very fine the pooling is more visible. The lymph peptides work by encouraging lymphatic flow in order to shift this pooling and hence giving you less apparent dark circles.

We stock a wide range of products that contain peptides often termed ‘miracle ingredients’ so if you are looking to take your skin to the next level give a call at the clinic for a chat.

Crystal xx

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