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At Clinica Lase we use many laser devices to treat a broad range of blood vessel concerns. From tiny spider veins on the face to deep blue reticular veins on the legs, we can treat these quickly, safely and effectively.

Using the most advanced technology, these lasers deliver pulses of light energy at different depths to destroy blood vessels. There are no needles involved like there is in sclerotherapy. After a thorough consultation with your clinician, the best treatment option will be chosen and discussed with you, as well as any necessary aftercare.

Treatment can be performed on the face and body and is suitable for clients with dark, light or tanned skins.

What can I expect during Spider Veins Treatment?

The laser will precisely target the vein that you want to get rid of and the body will absorb it. The light is converted into heat energy and this process is completed without damaging the surrounding skin. It is likely that you will wear safety glasses to protect your eyes during spider veins treatment.

The number of treatments that you will require can vary and depends on the number, colour and size of the vessels being treated. This will be discussed with you during your consultation. Each treatment session is quick and will not last longer than 30 minutes.

Does Spider Veins Treatment hurt?

The spider veins treatment does not hurt patients and it is tolerated well. Generally, there is a warming sensation on the skin from the laser. Some patients describe spider veins treatment as causing a sensation like a rubber band being snapped against the skin.

What can I expect after Spider Veins Treatment?

It is normal for the skin or vein to appear slightly discoloured after spider veins treatment. But, this bruising will fade after a few days and should not cause any concerns. In addition, the area that has been treated may feel slightly tender or warm after the procedure, as if it had been sunburnt. Again, this sensitivity and redness will resolve by itself after a few days of having the procedure and not is a cause for alarm.

The results of spider veins treatment can vary. For example, small veins may disappear after one treatment session, whereas some blue veins can fade over a number of treatment sessions. The body will need time to naturally discard of the vessel and everyone can respond differently to spider veins treatment.

Is there any downtime associated with Spider Veins Treatment?

There is minimal downtime associated with spider veins treatment. A lot of patients do not take time off work for this procedure nor do they change their schedule. You are free to return to your daily activities straight away without any restrictions. Although, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight on the area of the skin where the treatment has been. In addition, you should apply SPF screen when you are outdoors onto the skin where the veins have been treated.

Who is a suitable candidate for Spider Veins Treatment?

If you have spider veins on parts of your face or body that are causing you concern, you may be an ideal candidate for spider veins treatment. In addition, larger veins can be treated with laser therapy but it will take several laser sessions to remove them. Men and women can benefit from spider veins treatment to boost their confidence and to get rid of veins that are visible.

If you would like to find out more about the spider veins treatment that is available from Clinica Lase, you can contact us today and arrange a consultation.

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