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We all know that lines and wrinkles are all part of getting older. But sun damage, environment and genetics can also mean that men and women’s skin can look older before their time. In particular, as we get older the skin loses its natural elasticity and collagen production decreases. This means that the skin begins to harbour more lines and wrinkles than when we were younger.

Skin resurfacing, like pico genesis and Clear + Brilliant, is a treatment that can be used to combat ages and skin damage. It uses a laser to heat deep layers of the skin and to stimulate new collagen growth. This process continues long after the treatment. This can allow the skin’s texture and appearance to improve, diminishing lines and wrinkles that are visible. This means that men and women can enjoy a more youthful glow again.

At Clinica Lase, we offer skin resurfacing treatment to patients that want to improve their skin. If you having wrinkles you would like to diminish or any pigmentation or acne scarring that you would love to see disappear, this may be a treatment that is suitable for you. As a professional and experienced laser and cosmetic clinic, we have a helpful and knowledgeable team at Clinica Lase that can assist you and offer professional treatments, such as skin resurfacing.

The Skin Resurfacing Procedure

Skin resurfacing involves using laser treatment to create tiny dots of damage to the underlayers of skin. This action will cause new collagen to be produced, which can help for the skin to repair itself naturally. This means that any scarring, pigmentation, lines or wrinkles can be reversed. This process is simple when it is carried out by a professional and it can last around 30 minutes to one hour. This will depend on the size of the area that is being treated.

What to expect during Skin Resurfacing

Every effort is made to make sure that patients are comfortable during skin resurfacing treatment. Most patients will tolerate the procedure well and not find the treatment too uncomfortable. It is normal to feel a series of pinches to the skin that may be hot in temperature. This will be the laser working its magic beneath the skin surface.

What to expect after Skin Resurfacing

Straight after the skin resurfacing treatment, it is normal for the skin to feel hot, as if it is sunburnt. This can usually last for a number of hours. In addition, the skin can appear as if it is sunburnt, with a red colouring where the skin resurfacing has happened. It is possible to have slight swelling after the procedure, but this should cause minimal discomfort and resolve itself within 72 hours of having the treatment. Most patients will see an improvement in their skin after around one week. But the natural collagen process will mean that the treatment will continue to work for a number of months, with the full results realisable then.

Skin Resurfacing Downtime

There is downtime associated with skin resurfacing. It will really depend on the individual, their health, and healing ability. The skin can appear red after skin resurfacing, and it may be a few weeks before the skin is completely healed. Some patients choose to take some time off work if they feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Suitable Candidates for Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing is a suitable treatment for men and women in good health and that have realistic expectations of what the procedure can do for them. As an anti-aging treatment, this procedure is popular with older men and women that want to enjoy a more youthful appearance, diminishing lines and wrinkles.

Skin resurfacing can also be a good treatment for men and women that have sun damaged and acne scarring. This procedure can improve the skin’s appearance and leave you feeling more confident about your appearance. As the procedure creates a healing affect for a number of weeks, the skin will see a gradual improvement.

If you would like to find out more about skin resurfacing and whether this is the right treatment for you, you can contact Clinica Lase today. Our professional team can tell you more about this procedure, as well as about other suitable treatments. You can contact Clinic Lase through our contact form online, as well as calling us and arranging a consultation.

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