Is Skin Needling for me and should I be scared?

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Is Skin Needling for me and should I be scared?

Skin needling is one of those skin treatments that elicits fear in many clients, and we think that may be rightfully so. With Instagram snaps of celebrity’s blood-covered faces or videos of a painful looking pen injecting tiny holes into the skin, it’s no wonder people are terrified.
But should you be? We don’t think so!

Skin needling is the umbrella term for any device that causes micro-injury to the skin in order to increase product penetration or stimulate wound healing. There are different needle depths to be used at home or in clinic and there are different devices of varying quality and results. With the range of products out there, we want to specifically discuss the device we use at Clinica Lase and why it should be your treatment of choice!

At Clinica Lase we use the only TGA listed needling device in the country, The Skin Pen. We place a lot of importance on using a well-researched and expert approved device as skin needling involves penetration of the skin. Due to the sensitive nature of this treatment, performing it with a device that is renowned for its quality can really help to ease your mind.

So what’s so good about this treatment? The best thing about skin needling is that it can be tailored to your concerns and specific skin type as well as being able to treat the vast majority of conditions! By creating microscopic Injuries in the skin, it sends the message to your body to start producing new collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are what give your skin its plump and wrinkle-free appearance so by increasing its production we see a huge change in the appearance of lines, wrinkles, pore size, pitted acne scars, stretch marks and more! It also encourages dramatic cellular turnover which means it will encourage shedding of old damaged cells that may be pigmented or blemished and bring through brand new, healthy cells. The result is even toned and smooth looking skin even after just one treatment.

“But doesn’t it hurt?”, The answer is only a little. our skin will become warm and slightly inflamed so you’ll feel some mild discomfort, but it’s quick and the downtime is minimal. In most cases, you will be fine to go straight back to work the next day with no time off needed.

If you have any questions about skin needling or how we can help you reach your skin goals, contact the team on 1300 513 913 and book your consultation!

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