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Pigmentation Treatment

At Clinica-Lase clinic in Carlton, Melbourne we offer the best, safe, efficient, and well-proven treatments for all forms of skin pigmentation. Thanks to our convenient location and reputation for great results we find many clients travel to us from surrounding areas such as Moonee Ponds, Toorak and Kew.

We Welcome our Bendigo and Ballarat regional neighbors who may not have access to a clinic of our standard.

Irregular and abnormal pigmentation of the skin, i.e. dark skin pigmentation, is a common occurrence and most people have some form of skin pigmentation from birth such as freckles. However, most people develop increased levels of facial and body hyperpigmentation and melanin pigmentation as they age due to exposure to the sun’s UV rays. This type of pigmentation is often referred to as sun-spots or age-spots. Laser treatment is highly effective at breaking down this pigmentation and significantly reduces the appearance of freckles, sun-spots, and age spots.

Hormonal changes in women, especially during pregnancy, can also lead to patches of facial pigmentation, known as Melasma. Melasma is generally not treated with laser since the laser can stimulate the hormones to create more pigmentation. Melasma is treated with our famous chemical peel treatments.

At Clinica-Lase we use the Candela Alexandrite medical grade laser machine for non-hormonal pigmentation removal. Candela are pioneers in the aesthetic industry with new and innovative technologies. The Candela machine uses an exact wavelength which allows it to attach to the melanin within the deeper layers of your skin (dermis, location of pigmentation) where it is then broken down and removed naturally by the body.

2 weeks before Laser Pigmentation Removal treatment it is very important that you avoid UV exposure and tanning. This includes the use of fake tanning solutions and solariums. You must notify your clinician if you have had any exposure to avoid risks of complications.

The area to be treated must clean. No makeup should be applied and the application of lotions, creams or serums should be avoided. We understand that there may be times that this is unavoidable so please let your clinician know and she may remove the product for you.

If you have started taking any new medication or have changed medications you must advise your clinician to avoid any complications.

The use of any exfoliating products must be discontinued 1 week prior to treatment. This includes products with ingredients such as vitamin A, lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid.
At Clinica-Lase we use state of the art medical grade laser machines for non-hormonal pigmentation removal and all our clinicians hold government approved laser safety qualifications. We pride ourselves on both our knowledge and experience but also on our thorough consultations that ensure we have all the necessary information to minimise the risk of complications. With a new client we will often start by administering a small test patch so that we can assess the skins reaction and patient comfort level before proceeding to full treatment. At Clinica-Lase you can be sure that your safety is our first priority.


Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements so we can provide an accurate price for you.

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