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A defined and contoured jawline is a desired physical attribute that a lot of people aspire for. But life events can get in the way since the face can change during aging and after weight loss. There can be volume loss in the cheeks and this can cause sagging skin. Jowls are also common.

To achieve the jaw definition that they have always wanted, a lot of clients get a jaw enhancement with Clinica Lase. This is a non-surgical procedure that can enhance the contour of the jawline and make you have a more youthful appearance. This procedure can also help to balance the symmetry of the face. In addition, there is minimal downtime or after effects associated with jaw enhancement, which makes it a treatment that can have subtle but effective results.

At Clinica Lase, we are a professional laser and cosmetic clinic that can help with jaw enhancement for men and women. We use the latest dermal fillers to help contour the jawline and are suitable for all skin types. The results of jaw enhancement can last from six to 12 months.

The Jaw Enhancement Procedure

As a non-surgical procedure, jaw enhancement is a treatment that is fast and simple, which is why it appeals to so many patients. It involves dermal filler injections into the jawline to create the shape and definition that the client is looking for. A series of injections will be inserted into the skin at different places along the jawline. This will act as a gel to plump up the area and to help with volume loss or sagging. The whole process of jaw enhancement usually takes around 30 minutes to complete.

What to Expect During Jaw Enhancement

A lot of clients are concerned that jaw enhancement is a painful procedure. However, the majority of our patients would tell you that it is a quick and painless one. As a non-invasive treatment jaw enhancement causes minimal discomfort. Our team will do their best to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable for the duration of the treatment.

What to Expect after Jaw Enhancement

The good thing about jaw enhancement is there are not many after effects to expect. After receiving the dermal filler injections, it is common for the skin to be red and there may be some minor swelling too. This will resolve by itself and usually within 48-72 hours. If you are worried that people will be able to see the redness or swelling, you can apply makeup over the jawline area. Any discomfort that you feel after jaw enhancement will be minimal.

Jaw Enhancement Downtime

There is no downtime associated with the jaw enhancement procedure. Since dermal filler injections are non-invasive, there is little recovery time needed. In fact, most of our clients will leave the Clinica Lase clinic straight away and return to their normal routine. Some people even go back to their job within an hour. There are no restrictions on any exercise or activities, which means that you don’t have to take any time off after jaw enhancement. Some people may feel self-conscious after the procedure but this is usually quickly overcome with the fantastic results this treatment can create.

Suitable Candidates for Jaw Enhancement

There are many candidates for jaw enhancement. This includes men and women who have noticed a change in their appearance with aging. The jawline may have become less defined because of volume loss in the cheeks and sagging skin and jowls. Jaw enhancement can help to restore a more youthful appearance where the jawline is more pronounced in men and has a more feminine shape for women.

In addition, weight loss can cause a loss of volume in the cheeks, as well as the skin around the jawline to sag. This can mean that patients lose confidence after losing weight. This is a treatment that can be used to help restore confidence and happiness with your appearance.

Of course, jaw enhancement can also be for anyone that has always wanted a more contoured jawline and wishes for their ideal appearance. Patients should be of good health before having jaw enhancement and it is a procedure that is suitable for all kind types. It is important to have realistic expectations about what jaw enhancement can do for you and this will be fully discussed with you during your consultation.

To find out more about jaw enhancement, or any of our other services, you can get in touch with our team today. You can fill out the contact form or call Clinica Lase to arrange a consultation.

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