All You need To Know About Chemical Peels

chemical peels at Clinica Lase Melbourne

All You need To Know About Chemical Peels

There is a lot of misconception about chemical peels, not least due to the infamous sex in the city episode where Samantha received a rather stimulating peel that left her red as a tomato! However, I am here to tell you not to be deterred as chemical peels really are a fantastic clinical treatment to improve overall skin health, texture, tone and imperfections.

Chemical peels generally come in the form of AHA’s, BHA’s, fruit acids and Vitamins. Firstly, the type and strength of peel suitable for a client needs to be determined by conducting a thorough consultation and in-depth skin analysis. It also important to prepare the skin correctly for the peel, usually using products containing a small percentage of the ingredients to be used during the peel itself.

The actual treatment is not very exciting and basically involves the application of a chemical solution to the face which is left on for 5-10 minutes before being neutralised. The strength of the peel will determine its depth, which can vary from the superficial upper skin layers right down to the deeper layers depending on what we want to achieve. As Samantha found, the skin may be a little sore and inflamed immediately after the treatment and the recovery time from this is determined by the depth of the peel. However, generally speaking, most clients are fine to head back to the office straight after the treatment or at the latest the next day.

Secondary after-effects may be experienced for a few days following a peel where the skin can feel a little tight and dry and with deeper peels, some flaking may be experienced. This occurs as the specific ingredients used in the peeling solution break down the intra-cellular glue after which the natural shedding process begins. Once this process is complete you are then left with a fresh, smooth and even looking complexion.

At Clinica-Lase we offer around 25 different peels to cater for all different skin types and client concerns.

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