Chemical Skin Peels Ballarat

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Chemical Skin Peels Ballarat

Chemical skin peels are used to rejuvenate the skin, as well as improve the appearance of made skin complaints. This includes pigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage, acne and redness. The chemical skin peel worked by shedding the top layers of skin. There are different levels of the peels that can be recommended, from superficial and medium to deep chemical skin peels. Dermaplaning can also be used in conjunction with chemical peels to improve penetration.

The downtime to expect from a chemical skin peel will depend on the category of peel that is used. A peel that is classed as superficial normally has minimal downtime. But a deep chemical skin peel will mean more downtime is needed.


A consultation will make you aware of what you should do pre-treatment. This includes what products may need to be used. For example, a serum that contains the main ingredients in the chemical peel is normally recommended. This works better for the skin and lets it get used to the ingredient before a stronger strength is used. This is used for around two weeks before the treatment.

What to Expect

A consultation form will be filled out by you when you arrive at Clinica Lase in Ballarat. This means writing about any medical conditions that you have, as well as previous treatments and your general skin type. An experienced clinician will also speak with you privately to find out more about your individual requirements and what you are looking to achieve. This will make sure a tailored and personalised plan can be created for you to achieve the best results. You can also find out more details about the treatment and what you can expect with aftercare.

During the procedure, it is normal to feel a warm to hot sensation on the skin, as well as some tingling. There is minimal discomfort with the chemical peels by previous patients.

Peace of Mind

At Clinica Lase in Ballarat, we want to ensure the best results for our patients. In order to do so, we only use chirally correct cosmeceuticals for patients in Bendigo for chemical skin peels, as well as homecare preparations.

Going through a consultation with our team is vital to make sure that we have all of the important information we need. This way we can minimise the risk of any complications that could be involved with a chemical skin peel. Safe is a priority for all of our patients in Ballarat.


Some side effects that patients may notice after a chemical peel include flaking skin and peeling, as well as a mild dryness. But, this is a good sign after a chemical peel, as this is what happens with the skin cells regenerate to improve the overall appearance of the skin. Of course, it will depend on what ingredients and peel is used and it is possible not to experience these side effects.

It is recommended that strenuous activity is postponed for 24 hours after having a chemical skin peel. In addition, Bikram Yoga, steam rooms and saunas should also be avoided. This is all going to ensure the best results from a chemical skin peel. In addition, sun exposure should be avoided for around five to ten days. A minimum of SPF 30 should be used on the skin.

While the skin heals, it is important not to use any exfoliating products on the skin for three to five days, or as your clinician advises you. Waxing and hair remove should be stopped for seven to 14 days. If any scabbing starts to appear on the skin that has been treated, it is strongly urged to not remove this skin. You will be able to discuss product use after a chemical peel with your clinician to ensure the correct formulas are promoted to make the skin look healthy.

If you would like to find out any more about chemical skin peels in Ballarat, you can contact our professional team today.