Skin Care for Men

Skin Care for Men

Times have changed and male grooming is as prevalent as ever. It isn’t just women who are looking to prevent ageing or treat aesthetic concerns and it’s great to see so many regular males clients at Clinica Lase.

For many of our male clients, the first step through the door is the hardest. We recognise it can be a little daunting walking into a space that is predominantly female and it is our mission to ensure everyone feels comfortable within our space. 

One of the initial concerns for our male clients was the fear of the unknown - they knew what bothered them about their skin, but didn’t know what to do to fix it. At Clinica Lase we always start with a thorough consultation to educate and empower you to make the best decisions to treat your concerns.

Whilst there are so many treatments available, some of the most popular treatments our male clients are having performed are:

  • Laser Hair Removal - This service is designed to drastically reduce hair growth in a chosen area through the use of a laser device. Some of the most common areas our male clients have treated are back, chest, stomach neck and cheeks. Anywhere you have hair can be treated, so don’t hesitate to ask as we will always offer a professional and thorough service.

  •  Anti-wrinkle injections - You’d be surprised how many men are walking around with anti-wrinkle injections and you wouldn’t even know! If you are starting to see deep lines forming or are wanting to prevent them in the first place, this may be the treatment for you! We pride ourselves on a natural look to ensure discretion and enhance your natural features.

  •  Skin treatments - We have so many male clients with so many different concerns that it’s hard to put it down to one particular skin treatment. Some of the main skin concerns our male clients present with are sun-damage, lines and wrinkles, acne and redness. All of these things are able to be improved so booking a consultation with one of our clinicians will help you figure out the best plan for you.

  • Tattoo Removal - Clinica Lase are the only clinic that have the Enlighten Tattoo Removal device in Melbourne and also in Ballarat. Whilst there are a number of other tattoo removal options around, The Enlighten reduces tattoos with less treatments than other devices so it’s the best option available to remove that ink safely!

At Clinica Lase we are proud to support the changing societal norms of Men’s health - and to us that’s inclusive of mental, physical and emotional health. Anything a woman can have done at Clinica Lase, our men can have too! Don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 513 913 to book your first consultation!

*Clinica Lase Client: Todd Sportt